Ramee Grand
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Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa

Our Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa was developed to represent the peak luxury experience you can find in Bahrain. Ideal for business travel and family vacation alike, the Ramee Grand Hotel offers 5-Star accommodations for anyone. Just like all of the Alireza & Sons offerings, you can expect to have both the best customer experience and affordable prices during your stay.

Now sold to a reputable client, inside the Ramee Grand you have everything you need to enjoy a great night out in Bahrain without ever having to leave the facility. Traditional restaurant cuisines, and entertainment options make it easy to plan your free time. Each room is a spa-like retreat, and comes equipped with great television options, high speed internet access, incredible room service options, and bathroom retreat. Where you stay during travel is one of the most important decisions for any trip, don’t make a mistake by booking anywhere other than the Ramee Grand Hotel.