About Us

We Offer Our Complete, Top-Rated Project Contracting Services that include Building Development, Interior Designing, and Real Estate Project Development

Alireza & Sons Group of Companies truly is a business that does it all. Our years of expertise in Real Estate Management and Development allowed us to create our Trading and Contracting holding. Our company’s leadership holds a genuine belief that we offer the best experience across all industries in Bahrain and that is why we work are determined to capture a part of so many different markets.

Working as a contracting group, Alireza & Sons Group has the freedom to develop its own buildings projects that will meet our incredible standards. However, we also share that ability with other groups by offering our services as project managers, interior designers, or real estate developers. As a company, we always ensure to also create strong partnerships in each industry we enter into. Alireza & Sons Trading and Contracting is no different, and we have incredible working agreements with specialized contractors such as MEB, allowing us to provide all service solutions you may need.